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If a person came to you and said:
I am going to destroy your relationship with you father
Take away your Joy and
Put you into a hell hole for the rest of your life
You would stop them!

But this is what demons aim to do to you every time they attack
And Chrisitians just ignore them as they try and do this to them.

This is why uou need to know how Satan attacks you and how to defend against him which I cover in some of the books below.

Some suggested reading


The Deliveance Prayer

A This is the following three documents as a handout you can take away and pray in the privacy of your home *

The above handout in four sections

Introduction to the Deliverance Prayer

The Deliverance Prayer

What to do after deliverance

The Five Steps - how to deal with Satan's attacks

A Shorter deliverance prayer

Deliverance through going into the soul

Why did God make you

What it the Christian life

How to know the Will of God

Purpose for living

The Five Steps how to defend against and defeat Satan.

How Satan attacks

God's Love Updated


On The Lord Jesus Christ

To do with Deliverance

A deliverance prayer you can pray by yourseld so no one need know you have prayed it.

A basic Primer on deliverance and spiritual warfare *

Deliverance, Spiritual warfare and some basic attitudes

To do with God

The Trinity

The Father

The Holy Spirit your friend and guide

The Lord Jesus

God's Love

The Glory of God

The Grace of God Updated

How to hear The Holy Spirit

The Great King

To do with Satan

Jesus, Satan and You

Defence and attack against demons

Know your Enemy

The names of Satan

The Silent war

To do with The Kingdom of God

The Church and The Kingdom of God Updated

The Holy Spirit and The Kingdom of God Updared Uodated

The Kingdom of God Updated

To do with the problems with modern bibles

The philosophy behind new bible versions

The effects of the New Greek on The Gospel

The Humanisation of Jesus by the new bibles

The effects of the New Greek text on the doctrine of The Blood

To do with Marraige



Headship in marriage

Latest versions of otherwritings (Books and Pamphlets)

Authority and Ministry

Attitudes a Christian should have updated

Abuse of women

The Body of Christ and Fellowship Updated

Can you lose your salvation

The core attitudesof the Christian life


How to work at maintaing your salvation Updated

A Meditation on Miracles

On Christian Doctrine Updated

The purpose of the church



Short articles on Christianity

Why did God make you

On ApplyingThe Old Testament to the New

Some basics of the Christian life

The church and The Kingdom of God

The Communion ceremony

the hinidrances of denominations to ChristianityF


Spiritual Warfare

More onSpiritual Warfare



God's Love

The Commands of Jesus

God's Amazing Love


The Purpose of the true church

Christian fellowship

Covenants and Testaments




Charging for giving Popohecies

On the Consequences of our actions

Disasters and death

Genesis Chapters 1 to 11 and faith

A different perspective on the Gospels

Thevdifferent Gospels

Headship in marriage

Hypocricy in the church

God'sinfluecne in your life

Jesus, Satan and you

the Laws of the land

Is Jesus your Lord?

The Lordshipu of Jesus Christ updated

The role of Ministers in the church

Modesty in dress

some thoughts on prayer

preparation for Heaven

Personal prophecy guidelines

Why was Jesus Resurrected

What I would do if I was Satan

Salvation, maintaining it

On the Seasons of life

Sin and Repentance




In everything give thanks

The Trinity

What is the Christian Life