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This page contains the core of what I am to preach. and contains things every Christian should know and be able to do. My other writings are found here 'OTHER WRITINGS' and have been kept separate so that these core activities should not be lessened in impact by having so much other material around them.

FEel free to use anytbhing on my webaite as long as you do not charge for it ewxcept to cover costs of publication and distribution.. Freely you have been given so freely give.

Remember. God alone has the copyright on Christianity and its contents

Neville Salvtti

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Why you need Jesus

Deliverance Prayer - Inroduction

Deliveance Prayer - Actual Prayer

Deliverance Prayer - After Deliverance

The Five Steps

Overview of Deliverance

Deliverance Primer

The Gospel

What the Christian life is

Core values

Core Activities

More core Activities

The Armour of God

Holy Spirit - how to hear Him

Holy Spirit book in chapters

The Salvation Relationship (Book 160819)

The Rapture

The Spiritual Warfare Primer

Books I have written