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This page contains the core of what I am to preach and contains things every Christian should know and be able to do.

Feel free to use anything on my website as long as you do not charge for it except to cover costs of publication and distribution.. Freely you have been given so freely give.

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Things to Come

More on what is going to happen.

Why you need Jesus

Deliverance Documents to read and pray for deliverance

Deliverance Prayer - Introduction

Deliverance Prayer - Actual Prayer

Deliverance Prayer - After Deliverance

Deliverance Material

Deliverance - its roots

Deliverance book

Deliverance Primer

Overview of Deliverance

The Five Steps

Spiritual Warfare Primer

The Spiritual Warfare Book

The Calvary sin and redemption

The Gospel

Documents on Christian Attitudes

Attitudes of a Christian

What the Christian life is

Core Core values

Core Core Activities

More core Activities

The Abuse of Women

The commands of Jesus

The Grace of God

The Addiction, abuse and suicidal thoughts

The Armour of God

Modern Bible problems

How New Bibles alter The Gospel

The Fraudulent Nature of New Bibles

The Jesus, How modern Bibles humanis Him

The Fear not God is with you

The Holiness Book

The Jesus, Satan, you and the battle you are in Book

The Love faith, hope Book

The Marriage Book needs updating

The Adultery - dealing with

The Marriage Attitudes

The Marriage Covering

The Needs of each spouse

The Sex in Marriage

The Warring spouses

The Femininity in Marriage

The Roles in Marraige

The Introduction

The Stewardship of marriage

Holy Spirit - the book in chapters

how to hear The Holy Spirit

The The Holy Spirit and the Citizen of the Kingdom of God

The The Kingdom of God

The A Meditation on Miracles

The Prayer-What to pray for

The Salvation Relationship (Book

The Pentecos and acts


The Confession of Sin

The Stewardship book

The Rapture

The Salvation - can yuou lose it

The How Satan triinied the church

Books I have written these are not mobile friendly yet