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Why we need Jesus

The Essence of The Gospel

Lordship/deliverance prayer

The Salvation relationship

Satan was heard explaining his strategies and said that facing Chrisians head on was not as good as infiltrating then compromising a church, its pastor and people.
"It was better to sow tares than pull the wheat" he said.
Many pastors are demonically oppressed and controlled as are many members of congregations.
Satan said he owned 80% of the world's people which matches the figure Jesus gave for the percentage that would not go up in the rapture.
Why would people who call themselves Christians not go up in the rapture?
Jesus said it was because they know of Him but did not have a living intimate personal relationship with Hm and Salvation is a relationships with Jesus and The Father as an adopted child and thus a relative of Jesus and son of The Father.
The Christian life is the expression of this relationship.

The first thing you should do on this site is say the deliverance.lordship prayer above so that you are not one of these people.

Neville Salvetti

Why did God make you?

Motive for Serving God

The  purpose of evangelism

Why do people who call themselves Christian end up in hell



All must be able to do deliverance

An easy deliverance method

My book on Deliverance Book

The two Kings and you - you are the spiritual ham in the sandwich

Demons and Deliverance

Purpose of DeliveranceAfter deliveranceDeliverance prayer for infants
More on Deliverance
Removal of Mark 16:9-21
Praying for Children

Addiction, abuse and suicidal thoughts

Deliverance Package

The Five Steps

The Five steps are how Jesus told me to attack Satan, deliver people and protect things.
Using them to attack Satan is covered more in the documents on Spiritual Warfare and on praying for the family.
I first explain the five steps and then deal with various matters to do with it and its use in deliverance for adults and children.

The verses behind the Five steps
Explanation of The Five steps
Deliverance prayer for Children
Five steps explained for Children

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare Primer Updated

My book on Spiritual Warfare

The Silent War

Jesus Satan and You

Defeating Satan

The Kingdom of God

My book on the Kingdom of God

My book on what it means to be a Citizen of The Kingdom of God

My book on Attitudes of a Citizen of The Kingdom of God

My book on the Church and The Kingdom of God

My book on the purpose of The Church

The Father

The Glory of God and Worship

The Holy Spirit

My Book on the The Holy Spirit  who is your friend and guide


How to maintain yout salvation

Calvary Sin and Redemption
(what it is all about)


Faith and Love

Faith and Love


The Bible

The Bible

Authority and Ministry

Authority and Ministry

Ephesians - a new look at it

My writings on the probems ans heresies of modern bibles and the authors behind the Greek of modern bibles.

 The modern Greek text use for the translation of modern bibles is a forgery so that modern bibles have no basis for their translation

Church and Problems with Christianity


Warring Spouses
Marriage Roles


Other books  have written